It's time to choose your battlefield

LHM Veto is a standalone application that allows you to quickly set up a map veto during a live event - no matter where the players are or who the captain is. You don't have to rely on external tools. If you are a LHM user you operate within a single ecosystem into which you seamlessly incorporate your participants.


Another big step to automate your workflow

Every CS:GO competition is based on map selection. LHM Veto simplifies and automates the entire ban and pick process. After granting LHM Veto access to team captains it’s just a matter of going through the automated step-by-step flow with a straightforward and intuitive UI.


Online tournaments can benefit from the LHM ecosystem without any limitations. All you need is to generate and share URLs with captains. All data will seamlessly sync between all devices after each pick / ban thanks to LHM Cloud.


LHM Veto in an offline environment can make veto setup streamlined and transmission more varied. Prepare a dedicated device (tablet, phone, PC) for the captains and hand it over to them, or choose a dedicated spot for Veto picks! 


More benefits, more automation

Learn about the key benefits that LHM Veto provides.

Veto standardization

A single app to create and store Vetos is all you will need for all your CS:GO tournaments

Live with LHM

You won’t need to copy data or update on-stream information by hand - Veto information automatically updates LHM match data in real time. LHM Veto is fully supported by Cloud Storage.

Integrated with Premium HUD

LHM Premium HUD is fully adapted to LHM Veto and its benefits, including a dedicated Veto Screen for viewers

Simple usage

3 clicks and you are ready to go - setup as quick as possible

Historical data

LHM Veto keeps all the Vetos you created if you need to come back to them in the future

Fast setup

LHM Veto supports all of the most popular match systems used in CS:GO

LAN possibilities

Highlight the veto process on your live broadcast and prepare a dedicated spot for captains